What is ARGIrc?

ARGIrc aims to be an easy to use yet powerful C++ IRC framework. The main difference between ARGIrc and most other existing C++ IRC frameworks is that rather than relying on function callbacks to handle events, you simply inherit the framework class and override the handler functions that you need. Inheriting the framework also gives you access to a large number of IRC related functions. This method sounds complicated, but actual using it (even if you don't understand inheritance) is very straight forward.

What else can it do?

ARGIrc tries to relieve some of the tedium of writing IRC bots, by handling some of the commonly needed functionality internally. Such functionality includes:
  • Responding to server PING
  • Keeping track of your current nickname
  • Keeping track of what channels you are in

Where do I go from here?

Well, a good start is the basic tutorial which will guide you through the first steps in using ARGIrc. After that, the documentation will provide you with a more indepth guide to using ARGIrc.

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